Advice on Coronavirus from RDA UK as at 10 March 2020

Following the meeting of the Government’s Cobra committee yesterday, when it was agreed that the UK will remain in the ‘containment’ stage of its response, RDA’s policy is that Groups, volunteers and participants should continue to refer to and follow the current official Government advice. You can find this, and more information, here: This page will always contain the most up to date information. We will therefore not be reprinting this information in our own messages, to avoid out of date advice circulating.


While our advice as a nationwide organisation remains in line with the Government’s position, individual groups, volunteers and participants must feel able to make decisions based on their own specific circumstances. Just like everyone else, volunteers, staff and participants should follow the standard advice on self-isolation if that is applicable. As you will understand, this is a rapidly changing situation so it is worth continuing to check the Government webpage for updates, and follow their advice to guide your decisions.


The NHS website also provides guidance on the symptoms, how the disease is spread, and how to avoid catching or spreading germs. You can view this at   


If the situation changes, and/or we update our advice we will of course let you know immediately. If you have any specific concerns please do get in touch with us directly.

Page Last Updated: March 13, 2020