Coaching Module

Can be delivered by: Group Coach or above

Learning Outcomes:

  • Be able to create a positive learning environment with learner centered sessions.
  • Understand the qualities of an effective coach and different coaching styles.
  • Be able to set goals for the coaching session, be able to evaluate and adjust these goals as necessary. Be able to build a lesson plan and linked sessions.

Face to face: Can be delivered as one block of training covering the full syllabus and learning outcomes, followed by coaching under supervision or the syllabus broken down into shorter sessions. (see below)

Online (i.e. via Zoom): Can split into linked sessions covering the full syllabus and learning outcome.

Coaches in Training should be coaching sessions supervised whilst undertaking this training. We suggest that coaches are introduced to the practical delivery topics using the ‘IDEA’ principle:

  • INTRODUCE the topic e.g. Managing behaviour
  • DEMONSTRATE or model the activity either through a live coaching session or video
  • EXPERIMENT with delivering the activity themselves through a micro coaching opportunity
  • ASSESS the effectiveness of the delivery through discussion and generation of feedback, again this may use video for a powerful learning experience.


This process gives an opportunity to try a small element of coaching and receive feedback – it may need to be repeated numerous times for the coach to become confident, effective and grow their skills in an area. The coach can build on each coaching topic through their development and practice a combination of these topics in each coaching session, receiving feedback. Activities should be adapted as necessary, responding to the requirements of your coaches and/or environment. It is recognised that training may involve a less formal, one to one training within a group and at other times involve several coaches in a more formal learning environment. It is important the coaches receive feedback through their development and those working with the coach in training should use models of feedback that are positive and encouraging.


Page Last Updated: July 8, 2022