CPD- Charlie Unwin: Coaching Mindset and Dealing with Success and Failure

Date: 28/05/24 (Tuesday)
Time: 7:30 pm

Coaching Mindset and Dealing with Success and Failure- Online Zoom training on the 28th May 7:30pm


A former Army officer and GB athlete Charlie believes that, in order to excel, riders must consider themselves as athletes. His work revolves around constructing a robust psychological framework for riders, enabling them to maintain composure, confidence and focus whilst managing the day-to-day demands of the sport.  Charlie helps riders to pursue a relentless consistency in their approach to training and competition.

With a keen interest in psycho-physiology, Charlie’s techniques include focus enhancement, stress management, and visualization practices, all designed to fortify the rider’s inner game and transform potential into real world success.

In 2017 Charlie co-founded Centre10, designed to train and support equestrian coaches in applying the principles of good psychology into their coaching – helping them to elevate their own riders’ performance. Over 200 coaches have now completed the Centre10 Advanced Programme, with new cohorts starting every October. 


“Working with Charlie and his Inside Out approach was instrumental to my performances in Tokyo.”

Sophie Wells OBE, 4 x Paralympic Gold Medallist


“I have been working with Charlie for 7 years now, giving me the tools I need to compete at the top level. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough and look forward to working with him as my career progresses.”

Annabella Pidgley, Junior European Champion


“Charlie’s Inside Out approach brilliant illustrates how your mind really can triumph over matter.”

Frankie Dettori MBE
, Champion Jockey

“Charlie has a lovely, easy manner. Keeping things simple, he provides a fascinating and logical image to pursue.”

Lucinda Green MBE


“Working with Charlie I recognised how many factors influence our mental state as riders. Taking control of my own performance, not just the horse’s, played a big part in improving my results.”

Sharon Hunt MBE, Olympic Bronze Medal







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