CPTRH Conference

Date: 05/05/19 (Sunday) - 06/05/19 (Monday)
Time: All Day
Location: Avon Centre

Sunday and Monday 5 and 6 May 2019 at the Avon Riding Centre. This two day programme is described in detail on Eventbrite. The programme is designed to appeal to therapists, coaches & riders alike who have an interest in equestrian performance management. With guest speakers, lectures and demonstrations from renown coaches, researchers and new product representatives, the conference promises to be exciting and informative for all. For more information contact Elspeth O’Donnell: elspethodonnell@gmail.com

The cost of the conference is very reasonable for what is on offer (there is a scrollable list of ticket prices for CPTRH members & non members) If you need financial assistance to attend you can approach your RDA Region for a contribution.

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