‘Does Rider Size Matter’ with Dr Anne Bondi (Zoom Training) (CPD)

Date: 29/04/24 (Monday)
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Contemporary Issues in Equestrianism: Does Rider Size Matter? Online Zoom training on the 29th April 7:00pm- 8:30pm (+Q&A time).

Hosted by Anne Bondi BHSI PGDip, DProf



This presentation is based on current scientific evidence and will explain why rider size is important and, in doing so, will help to raise awareness of some of the issues relevant to the welfare and performance of the ridden horse. This sensitive and emotive subject is put into the context of today’s equine industry and the current challenges that it faces, such as the risks to the social licence to operate. The background as to why this topic is more important now than ever before is discussed.


Learning Outcomes

Topics to be covered include what a weight ratio is, the effects of overloading (biomechanical, physiological, behavioural), optimal weights for performance and welfare, the 21 factors that should be considered when calculating the suitability of a horse and rider combination, and a scoring system that can assist in the calculation of weight ratios for optimal equine performance. 


CPD- Dr Anne Bondi 'Does Rider Size Matter' (Zoom)

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  • Format of the Training

    This is an online zoom session with Dr Anne Bondi on 'Does Rider Size Matter'. This will count as CPD.

    Please ensure that you have video and sound on to take part in the session.





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