Horse Care Module

Date: 16/11/19 (Saturday)
Time: All Day
Location: College of West Anglia



“Horsecare & Knowledge”

16th November,  2019

9.30am to 3.30pm


College of West Anglia, Landbeach Road, Milton,

Cambridge, CB24 6DB


Learning outcome:  A coach coming forward to complete this module may in the future be expected to gain the experience and confidence to manage a small group of (four) RDA horses



The training may be broken down into one theory session and one practical session

at different times

Please dress warmly with suitable footwear for working in the arena.

 Please bring a packed lunch.  Tea and coffee will be provided.


Introduction  –  Aims and objectives of the modules

How to groom and handle the equine and check for general health

Ability to tack up and know different types of tack and RDA special equipment

Importance of feeding, dentistry and other equine health checks

How to travel and deal with the equine outside of its home environment

Knowledge of basic equine conformation & condition scoring

Importance of equine fitness

Different injuries, ailments and when to call the vet

Looking after an equine that is either grass or stabled kept

Rugs and why we rug

The contact for applications is Lynda Murphy -Cambs County Chairman

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