Pre Coach Training Course

Date: 21/05/24 (Tuesday) - 11/06/24 (Tuesday)
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Pre-Coach Training Course starting Tuesday 21st May at 7pm via Zoom. This is a four session course. Each session will be approximately an hour and a half. The other dates are 28/5, 4/6, 11/6. This will be an interactive course with discussion, quizzes, PowerPoint, breakout rooms and a small amount of homework. The content includes;


  1. Welcome and Introductions, Roles and Responsibilities of a RDA coach, How We Learn
  2. Risk Assessment and Session Planning
  3. Technical Instruction and Coaching the Basics
  4. Common Scenarios, The Coaching Pathway, What Happens Next? Personal Development Plan


To register for this course you should have completed ;

  • Your Green Card
  • e-learning Disability Awareness
  • e-learning Equine Knowledge
  • Volunteer Practical Module Mounting & Dismounting
  • Volunteer Practical Module Preparing & Assisting a RDA Session


For more information please contact Christina Grieve


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