Proficiency Test Zoom training for those assessing Grades 1-4

Date: 10/11/22 (Thursday)
Time: 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

For Coaches/Group Coaches who want to assess Proficiency Tests Grades 1-4 (Riding/Horse Care)

Proficiency Tests are a great way to motivate and reward participants and help coaches to set SMART goals with their participants. The certificates and badges are a valuable way to show progression and the value of sessions to parents/carers and schools. Badges and certificates are free to order from the Group orders website.

Grades 1 and 2 can be assessed within the group, ideally not by their own coach. This can be an RDA Coach or a Group Coach. Grade 1 can, if necessary, be assessed by the same coach who coaches the riders. Try to avoid this where possible, as it can be a confidence boost for the candidates to really show off what they know to someone is isn’t their usual coach.

Grade 3 and 4 should be assessed by an RDA Coach Certificate holder from outside the Group wherever possible.

This training will cover the requirements of the levels, ideas for activities and methods of assessing. There will also be a chance to share ideas in breakout rooms.

ALL assessors should attend training before assessing. This can be online, face to face or video. For those who have done training in the past, this refresher is strongly recommended but not mandatory at the moment. I can also provide Regional/County Coaches with the notes if they would prefer to deliver training locally face to face. A video will be made available in October on the RDA YouTube channel for those who cannot attended zoom/face to face training.

Separate sessions will be held for Bronze/Silver/Gold Coaches and assessors, as well as one for participants at this level if there is demand.

If you only intend to deliver/assess Grades 1-4, there is no need to attend the Bronze/Silver/Gold session.

Any questions, please contact Helen 

Please note you will be sent the zoom link shortly beforehand to the email address given on the form


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