RDA Creative Writing Competition

Date: 25/10/19 (Friday) - 28/02/20 (Friday)
Time: All Day

Who can enter?

The RDA Creative Writing Competition is open to all current RDA participants (riders, vaulters and carriage drivers), of all ages and abilities. We can’t accept entries from volunteers, unfortunately, unless they are also current RDA participants. Classes are open to individual entrants only. You may enter more than one class if you wish, but only one entry per participant, per class will be accepted.

Entry is completely FREE of charge. 

As in previous years, we are offering the three classes of a POEM, LETTER or SHORT STORY and the theme for each class is simply RDA’.

How can I enter?

Entries can be written at any time, whenever inspiration strikes! The competition is also a great opportunity to involve families, schools/ colleges* or care centres too, as participants are welcome to create their entries at any time; in RDA sessions, in the classroom or at home. Pieces of writing can be submitted in any format (e.g. computer-printed, pencil, pen or typewriter copy). Braille entries can be submitted but please also supply a printed transcription. Printed or drawn Makaton symbols can be used. Entries in languages other than English are encouraged, too, but please provide an English translation to assist the judges.

The focus is on your thoughts, imagination and the content – we don’t mind at all how you present your work. We just want you to be able express yourself in a way that is accessible to you.

FULL DETAILS AND ENTRY FORM: Creative Writing Competition Entry Form 2020

Page Last Updated: October 23, 2019