Targeted Worming- Online Seminar

Date: 27/06/24 (Thursday)
Time: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

What will we do when the wormers stop working?

Wormer resistance is one of the biggest problems currently facing horse health. If we carry on as we are, there will soon be no effective treatments against life threatening parasite burdens in our horses. This has huge implications for the horses in our care, our equestrian businesses, and our ability to keep horses in the future. 

Claire Shand, Director of Westgate Labs, is here to shine a light on this mostly silent threat. She’ll take us through the mutiny that’s going on in our horses and our paddocks, set out the current resistance status and explain the simple changes needed to do better by our horses and our environment. You’ll learn:

  • Why we need to change our ways with worming.
  • How to assess a horse’s parasite infection risk.
  • How to build an effective parasite control programme for any horse based on worm egg counts and tests to target treatments effectively and monitor resistance.
  • Management techniques to break the lifecycle of the worms mechanically without relying on chemicals.
  • How to mitigate reinfection and, where you do need to treat, how to reduce the impact of wormers in the environment.
  • What the future holds for parasite control in horses.

With no new wormers in development, we must act now to make a difference or face an otherwise squirmy problem.  We hope you will make the change and become an advocate for targeted parasite control!

Thursday 27th June 6pm to 7.30pm online seminar (Zoom) Select tickets – What will we do when the wormers stop working? An Online Seminar with Claire Shand from Westgate Labs – Zoom (

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