Getting On Board Trustee Learning Programme: Beyond the Trustee’s role description (Virtual)

Date: 23/07/24 (Tuesday)
Time: 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Event: Trustee Learning Programme: Beyond the trustee’s role description 

Delivered By: Getting on Board

Please note: this session is not delivered by RDA and will be attended by individuals outside of our organisation.

Engaging in training outside of RDA is valuable for learning across the wider sector. We encourage this as a way of sharing best practices and for networking opportunities. 



This session forms part of the Getting on Board Trustee Learning Programme.

The programme comprises free, high-quality training including webinars, clinics and panel discussions to support people to become and serve as effective trustees. 


Event Details

“Every effective trustee needs to understand charity governance and their legal responsibilities (we have just the webinar for that). However, being an impactful trustee requires more than this. Good governance is essential but not enough.

This session is for those trustees and aspiring trustees who have a passion to take their charity forward, to grow impact, to leave a personal legacy and feel the sense of personal fulfilment from the time they volunteer.

In this session we challenge an often held assumption that ‘good governance’ is the answer to achieving more effective charities. We’ll go beyond what is essential and arrive at what is sufficient. Join us for a challenging and potentially controversial webinar.

A recent attendee shared during the session, ‘In under 30mins, you have created at least 3 ah-ha moments and they have all rejuvenated the role of trustee and moved it to a place that first excited me about taking on such a role: creating social impact, supporting growth mindset and utilising risk to drive an organisation forward’


What Will This Session Cover?

01 Common pitfalls for charity boards and how to avoid them

02 Interpreting sector-wide guidelines for the charity’s particular context

03 Managing risk and how to establish an appropriate level of risk

04 Your personal legacy

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About Getting on Board

Getting on Board exists to make trusteeship more accessible, effective and inclusive. They are raising awareness of trusteeship, particularly within under-represented communities, and helping trustees to make an impact.

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Find out more by visiting their website.

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