Getting On Board Trustee Learning Programme: Disagreeable disagreements: best practice in decision making for Trustees (Virtual)

Date: 23/04/24 (Tuesday)
Time: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Event: Trustee Learning Programme: Disagreeable disagreements: best practice in decision making for Trustees

Delivered By: Getting on Board

Please note: this session is not delivered by RDA and will be attended by individuals outside of our organisation.

Engaging in training outside of RDA is valuable for learning across the wider sector. We encourage this as a way of sharing best practices and for networking opportunities. 



This session forms part of the Getting on Board Trustee Learning Programme.

The programme comprises free, high-quality training including webinars, clinics and panel discussions to support people to become and serve as effective trustees. 


Event Details

“As trustees, we need to get more comfortable with debate and disagreement in the boardroom.

An important element of good governance is being able to challenge assumptions, question prevailing norms, and encourage open discourse, thereby fostering a culture of critical thinking and continuous improvement within the organisation.

The Charity Governance Code says: “In an effective team, board members feel it is safe to suggest, question and challenge ideas and address, rather than avoid, difficult topics.”


What Will This Session Cover?

01 How to encourage debate, while keeping discussion respectful

02 Useful decision-making techniques

03 Ensuring that you have a range of relevant viewpoints in the room

04 Making sure that the loudest voices don’t wield the most power

05 Ensuring that you put your clients or service users at the heart of every decision


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About Getting on Board

Getting on Board exists to make trusteeship more accessible, effective and inclusive. They are raising awareness of trusteeship, particularly within under-represented communities, and helping trustees to make an impact.

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Find out more by visiting their website.


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