Getting On Board: Trustee Learning Programme: Fundraising In-Tray – Live Q&A (Virtual)

Date: 11/06/24 (Tuesday)
Time: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Event: Trustee Learning Programme: Fundraising In-Tray (Live Q&A)

Delivered By: Getting on Board

Please note: this session is not delivered by RDA and will be attended by individuals outside of our organisation.

Engaging in training outside of RDA is valuable for learning across the wider sector. We encourage this as a way of sharing best practices and for networking opportunities. 



This session forms part of the Getting on Board Trustee Learning Programme.

The programme comprises free, high-quality training including webinars, clinics and panel discussions to support people to become and serve as effective trustees. 


Event Details

“Our panel of experts will discuss real-life fundraising issues submitted by trustees.

What’s perplexing you about your organisation’s fundraising?

Which are the recurrent fundraising issues which make you secretly eye-roll at trustee meetings? (Is Bob suggesting we should ring Richard Branson, again…?)

The session will assume no prior knowledge of charity fundraising, and you are particularly welcome if you are a trustee seeking to improve your fundraising understanding.”

What Will The Panel Discuss?

01 Trustees with no or few staff wondering how on earth to raise enough to grow their organisation.

02 Concerns around the ethics of fundraising. 

03 Problems finding people with fundraising skills to join the board.

04 Trustees with fundraising skills finding that they are much more operational than they would like to be.

05 Trustees putting unrealistic expectations on staff around fundraising.

06 Disagreements on how much to invest in fundraising. 

Important Information

01 If you wish to submit a live issue to our panel, please do so when booking (you’ll be prompted).

02 Please note that all submitted issues will be anonymous – even the panel won’t know to which charity the issue refers.

Booking: For more information and to book your place click here.


About Getting on Board

Getting on Board exists to make trusteeship more accessible, effective and inclusive. They are raising awareness of trusteeship, particularly within under-represented communities, and helping trustees to make an impact.

Future events by Getting on Board can be found on Eventbrite.

Find out more by visiting their website.

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