Virtual Pre-Coach Training via ZOOM (East Region)

Date: 01/11/20 (Sunday) - 30/11/20 (Monday)
Time: 12:00 am

East Region with Christina Grieve.


November start; 4 sessions in total.


The course is based on the syllabus for the three hour Pre Coach Training Session which is usually delivered in a classroom to a maximum of 6 prospective coaches. In this case it is being delivered as four 45 minute Zoom sessions in a group of 4.

Candidates must have completed the theory modules on the RDA e-learning site (Disability Awareness and Equine Knowledge) before attending the pre-coach training. 

Candidates must have completed Green Card training and the practical volunteer modules* (Mounting & Dismounting, Preparing & Assisting RDA Sessions)

Under normal circumstances, once a prospective coach has attended the Pre Coach Training Course they would be sent a Coach in Training Certificate and would be added to the coaching database at RDA UK. They can then coach supervised while working through the next modules on the Coaching Pathway.


*If you have not completed the two practical Volunteer modules prior to attending the Pre Coach Training course, if there is space you may be accepted, on the understanding that you need to provide evidence of your completed green card and the certificates for the practical Volunteer modules before you will be sent your Coach in Training Certificate.


Please contact Christina for further details and to book;


If you are a coach outside of the East region, please contact your regional coach before booking on to this course as you will need to be referred to complete the module out of region.

Page Last Updated: November 13, 2020