Fundraising Workshop


Whether you are organising an event, want to increase donations, gain support from local organisation or looking for new ideas, this workshop will help you get started with planning effective fundraising events and campaigns.


The workshop can cover the following:

  • What is fundraising, the different types of fundraising, annual, capital and endowment.
  • Highlighting weaker areas and your strengths, reviewing of Case for Support.
  • Making the most of tax efficient schemes- gift-aid, payroll giving, legacies…..


  • Project planning skills and strategies for delivering
  • Importance of developing an image/brand and identity for your campaign
  • Social Media


  • Grants and Trust application writing and summary writing
  • How to search for grants
  • Importance of the accounts
  • Tracker benefits


By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Review funding strategies and identify opportunities
  • Maximise your income with tax-efficient giving

And either be able to

  • Plan and deliver a successful fundraising event and campaign
  • Create an image and identify for a campaign
  • Utilise marketing and publicity tools to maximise the exposure to the event


  • Confidently apply for grants utilising your resources
  • Present accounts effectively for grant applications
  • Be able to apply for grants without application forms


Who is this for?

Any RDA volunteer involved in group fundraising, Group Chairmen, Group Treasurers and Trustees.

How to book?

You can complete our online form

Once a form is received we will check availability and confirm whether we can meet your request.

Page Last Updated: January 25, 2022