Horse Care & Knowledge


This is a fun, theory based competition open to all competitors. 

The classes will take the form of a visual and tactile test of knowledge, using illustrations and items of equipment about which the Steward will ask questions of the competitor.  The Steward will record the competitor’s answers on a marks sheet that will be checked and totalled by the Chief Steward.  It should be noted that questions will NOT be the same on all three days.

All questions will relate to requirements for the Horse Care sections of RDA Proficiency Tests Grades 1 – 4 inclusive.

We also offer an Advanced class for those competitors obtaining 90% or more.  This class will require general knowledge of horse care and related subjects equivalent to the RDA Bronze Proficiency Test. 

Competitors scoring 75% and over will receive a distinction rosette and those scoring less will receive an endeavour rosette.

RDA Proficiency Tests

Page Last Updated: September 3, 2020