Opportunity to buy a horse

We have been speaking with an establishment that is selling a significant number of horses and ponies that could be suitable for RDA.  There is a possibility, if we are able to move fairly quickly, that we could (collectively) purchase a significant number of these horses and give them a good and meaningful life with RDA.  I should stress, though, at this stage we are exploring this and there is no firm agreement.

Initially, we just need to be able to gauge demand. If you are actively looking for new equines for your group (ie, you know what you need and have an idea of your budget etc), we have a very quick online form for you to fill in to register your interest. If you are looking for more than one, please complete the form as many times as necessary.

Clearly, there will be more stages to this but for now your initial show of (serious) interest is all we need. If you can complete the form as soon as possible that would be great. Certainly by the end of 28 April.

Please follow the link to the online form here www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/RDAequines

Page Last Updated: April 28, 2021