Weekly News 12 November

Clare Balding signed bookplates

The Clare Balding signed bookplate scheme is now open! If you want to take part, here’s how it will work:

  • Buy your copies of Heroic Animals as cheaply as you can (currently on Amazon for just £10)
  • One coordinator per group, head to myrda.org.uk/clare-balding-book and fill out the details.
  • We’ll send the information to Clare who will sign the bookplates and return them.
  • You stick them into the books and use them for fundraising
  • The scheme is open for 2 weeks and closes on 20 November.

This project is being coordinated by Angela Sly at National Office, so any questions please email her at asly@rda.org.uk .

Award winners

Congratulations to President’s Award winners Sue Robson (Richmond & Catterick); Jane McMurray (Lisburn RDA); Brigid Hamill (Windsor & Ascot); Lynne Munro (Perry RDA); Isobel Buchanan (Winton); Anne Mitchell (Barrow Farm); Lesley Furnell and Zara Campbell Harris (Wyfold – who received her award earlier this year).

The RDA ‘Brilliant’ awards went to Trish Clarke (Gareloch); Teagan Murphy (South Bucks); Natalie O’Rourke (Park Lane Stables) and Equipower Group. These awards were kindly supported by Childs Farm, players of Peoples Postcode Lottery, Oliver Wight and Andrews Bowen.

The Birt Spooner Cup, awarded to someone who has gone over and above to promote the cause of RDA, was awarded to Sue Adams-Wheeler, Lead Coach for 10 years and International Liaison Officer. Congratulations Sue. Sue gave a very interesting talk at the AGM. You can watch a recording of this on our YouTube channel, along with the acceptance videos of the Brilliant Award winners, at www.youtube.com/rdanational

More details about the AGM and award winners here in the latest news stories at: myrda.org.uk/category/news/

Creative Writing competition

Back by popular demand, the Creative Writing Competition is open! The form and poster are on MyRDA for you to use, and we will also be sharing on social media so that participants can enter directly if they wish. The competition closes on 26 Feb 2021 so there’s plenty of time for riders and drivers to join in.

You can download the information and entry form here (this link may immediately download the document, so don’t be surprised if that happens!): myrda.org.uk/assets/Creative-Writing-Competition-Entry-Form-2021.docx

And the poster here: myrda.org.uk/assets/Creative-Writing-Competition-Poster-2021-1.pdf

Thanks to Godolphin for sponsoring this competition.

RDA activities at home

We are really keen to produce more worksheets and resources for participants to do at home and in school. I know many of you are crying out for help here – particularly those of you who have been creating your own materials since March.

As a first step, if you are happy sharing your activities and resources with us, this would give us a real head start. We will then (shamelessly) use your ideas and produce a range of regularly updated resources for all groups and participants to access.

If you can share anything with us, that would be great. Some of you were kind enough to send me your ideas and worksheets over the summer and they were so helpful – and your ideas and creativity are outstanding.

Please send to Alex Walker at awalker@rda.org.uk

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