Weekly News 15 October

COVID announcements

The First Minister’s announcements on Wednesday 7 October in Scotland does not change our existing guidance to groups.

Following Boris Johnson’s announcement on Monday 12 October we are reassured that RDA activities in England can continue in the same way in all 3 tiers, medium, high and very high.  All tiers permit organised outdoor sporting and physical activity, which covers RDA activities, this includes activities in so-called ‘indoor’ arenas. Even though travel should be kept to a minimum we are also reassured that travel for charitable purposes and to access our services is permitted in medium and high risk alert levels and travel inside very high risk alert level areas.  Travel into or out of very high risk alert level areas is advised against unless it is necessary.

More detailed updates to Covid guidance is available here

Disability dispensation in England and Wales

We have had confirmation in England and Wales that coaches can now support disabled participants where it may mean they need to be closer than social distancing would normally allow (1m in England and 2m in Wales).  This is only permitted if this is for a short duration (few minutes), if the activity has been risk assessed and the coach is wearing a face covering. A face covering is mandatory for this situation.  This means that coaches can now support riders to mount and dismount, check girth, stirrups etc. where they would not have been able to do so before. This has been available to Scottish coaches since the middle of September. Further information can be found here.

Face coverings

We have recently revised our policy on face coverings. Those leading and sidewalking are now allowed to wear face coverings during sessions if they so wish. This is not a substitute for social distancing for activities where people will be in closer contact for more than a few minutes. This means sidewalkers still need to be from the rider’s household/ support bubble.  We would not recommend riders to wear a face covering during ridden sessions as this could impede communication between rider and coach/ volunteers but they can choose to do so if they feel more comfortable, as long as this does not interfere with their safety on the horse (i.e. no loose elements). Further information about face coverings can be found here.

Insurance refund

Your group will be receiving a letter in the next week or so with information about the insurance refund we have been able to negotiate through our brokers as a result of lockdown. The letter will specify the refund due to your group (15%) and how you can claim it.

Survey into activity levels

I have started analysing the results of the recent survey into activity levels at groups. This will be written up as a report, and I will share the findings with you next week. Many thanks to everyone who took part.

Safeguarding training

We are now able to offer a couple of options for renewals of safeguarding training. Although it is not practical to offer in person Face to Face Workshops, we do now have the option of using Zoom. And if you attended a face to face course last time you can refresh using the e-learning. More info here: myrda.org.uk/runningyourgroup/safeguarding-2/

Countryside Challenge Competition

Many thanks to Sue Mack for running the Countryside Challenge competition. The winners have now been informed, and the new ‘obstacles’ will be incorporated into the course (along with a special appearance from ‘Stevie The Scarecrow’ from Stevenage & District). Congratulations to Clytha, Haworth, Newtownards and Wellow for their winning group entries, and Laura Smith and Daniel Davies who entered individually.

RDA Tracker

The rdatracker website is not working, so please don’t try and use it for the time being.

Staff contacts

The most up to date names, specific roles, numbers, emails and working times will always be found here: myrda.org.uk/about-rda/meet-the-team/ (Go to MyRDA, then Contact Us, then Meet the Team).

Page Last Updated: October 15, 2020