Weekly News 6 May

30-minute webinar

Tonight: 6 May, 7pm, Buying Equines

RDA Honorary Vet Nick Hart, Equine Coordinator at RDA UK Emma Bayliss and Sarah Healing of Penniwells RDA discuss the dos and don’ts of equine purchase.

Register at: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_rB17oRf9RIWxM9R2vMHrFw  

Next Thursday, 13 May, A week off!

Since I’m at least a day behind with everything this week, there is no webinar planned for next week. You can have the evening off! We’ll be back the following week.

Stella Hancock Award – a note from National Carriage Driving Lead, Eileen Cornish

Congratulations to Shifford Driving Group in the South Region for being awarded the Stella Hancock Award of £150 towards the training of a new coach for their group. I look forward to her joining the CD Coach ranks in the not-too-distant future once her assessment is completed.

National Office phones: disruption 13 May

You may know we’ve been struggling a bit with the phone system we installed that is supposed to help staff answer calls from home. It has proved a bit unreliable and we are trying a new system, which will be installed next week, 13 May. This may mean the phones are out of action for part or all of that day. I suggest you email us instead, either direct to the person you need, or to info@rda.org.uk and your message will be forwarded to the right person.

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