Therapy & Medical Module

Delivered by:
RDA Physio & RDA Coach or above, RDA Advanced Coach or Physio & RDA Coach

Programme outcomes:
• The Coach has knowledge of the Participant Application Form
• The Coach understands the Applicant Assessment Form and the importance of the information it provides them with
• The Coach knows when to use an Alternative Hat Assessment Form and the process of doing so
• The Coach has an understanding of frequently seen medical conditions
• The Coach has an understanding of contraindications
• The Coach knows when and why the ability of a rider needs reviewing for them to continue
• The Coach has knowledge of special equipment that can be used to help support riders

Face to face: Can be delivered as one block of training covering the full syllabus and learning outcomes.

Hybrid: Can be spilt into linked sessions with theory online and practical sessions in group.



Page Last Updated: January 31, 2024