Congratulations coaches – Princess Royal Coach Academy chooses coaches for its Coach Programme 2022

Congratulations to the following Coaches on their successful selection for the inaugural Princess Royal
Coach Academy – Coach Programme 2022:

  • Susan Law – Edinburgh, Lothian, and Borders
  • Andi Bruce – West & Central Scotland & Grampian & Highland
  • Frances Cape – Edinburgh and Borders
  • Laura Winter – North
  • Shirley Hart – East Yorkshire & Ryedale
  • Alys Lewis-Jones – North Wales
  • Kady Chatman – Mid West
  • Peggy Douglas – South West
  • Lizzie Hill – West Mercia
  • Holly McConnell – South East
  • Kate Gordon – Greater London
  • Natalie O’Rourke – Greater London
  • Louise Einchcomb – East
  • Kate El Bizanti – South East
  • Clare Pettitt – East
  • Kath Hatwell – East
  • Kate Bailey – North West
  • Clare Skinner – East
  • Alex Henderson – Grampian & Highland
  • Lorna Clark – Grampian & Highland

The Princess Royal Coach Academy aims to develop coaches with expertise who can support peers
and influence coaching programmes that improve participant experiences.

Coaches selected for this programme have shown that they are ambitious in improving their own
performance and already have success in coaching riders with disabilities; effectively encouraging and
challenging participants whilst creating enjoyable, person centred coaching environments.
Additionally coaches have demonstrated their commitment to the cascading of knowledge and
experience to peers across the RDA coaching pathway.

Successfully selected coaches are set to benefit from unique learning and development opportunities
including established communities of practice which offers exposure to new, innovative and relevant
ideas as well as reinforcing successful current practices.

Huge congratulations to all selected!

Page Last Updated: March 3, 2022