Creative Writing Competition


The RDA Creative Writing Competition is now in its eighth year and as in previous years, we offered three classes for poem, letter or short story with the theme for each class is simply ‘RDA.’ 

Your entry could be a story about an exciting experience you’ve had whilst at your RDA Group, or a poem about your favourite horse or pony.

The focus should be on your thoughts, imagination and the content – we don’t mind at all how you present your work. We just want you to be able express yourself in a way that is accessible to you. Entries close on Friday 1st of March 2024.

Who can enter?

The RDA Creative Writing Competition is open to all RDA participants (riders, carriage drivers and vaulters), of all ages and abilities. We cannot accept entries from volunteers, unfortunately, unless they are also current RDA participants. Classes are open to individual entrants only. You may enter more than one class if you wish, but only one entry per participant, per class will be accepted.

How can pieces of writing be entered?

Entries can be submitted in any format (e.g. computer-printed, pencil, pen or typewriter copy). Braille entries can be submitted but please also supply a printed transcription. Printed or drawn Makaton symbols can be used. Entries in languages other than English are encouraged, too, but please provide an English translation to assist the judges. The competition is also a great opportunity to involve families, schools/ colleges or care centres too, as participants are welcome to create their entries at any time; in RDA sessions, in the classroom or at home.

Submit entries using the form below to Olivia McCallum on

Entry Form 2024

How much will it cost to enter?

Entry is completely FREE! Simply send all entries with a fully-completed entry form (one form per entry) by Friday 1st March 2024. There will be no regional rounds of judging.

Please ensure that you keep your own copies of each entry safely, as we will be unable to return any work sent into National Office. RDA National Office cannot be held responsible for any entries not received in time, lost, or damaged. All entries are sent entirely at the entrants’ own risk. Late entries cannot be accepted.

How and when will entries be judged?

Entries may or may not be accompanied with illustrations or decoration, however they will purely be judged on their written content by the judges.

Each entry will be considered on its own merit; the judge will be looking for specific relevance and reference to RDA, along with charm, imagination and appeal – not just simply an equestrian theme.


Class 1: A poem about RDA

Your poem doesn’t necessarily have to rhyme, but must have an RDA theme. Maximum 350 words. Open to all ages/ abilities – all entries will receive a rosette and congratulations letter!

Class 2: A letter about RDA

Perhaps to someone special at RDA telling them about an achievement that you or someone else has had? Or maybe a letter thanking your favourite volunteer…or horse? Maximum 500 words. Open to all ages/ abilities – all entries will receive a rosette and congratulations letter!

Class 3: A short story about RDA

It could be fact or fiction, but aim to inspire, entertain and amaze! You can be as imaginative or creative as you like, but make sure you don’t go over the limit of 500 words. Open to all ages/ abilities – all entries will receive a rosette and congratulations letter!


The closing date for receipt of entries at National Office will be Friday 1st March 2024 and the winners will be announced as soon as possible afterwards, in April 2024.



Prizes awarded for each class are: 1st Place – £50 World Book Token Voucher, 2nd Place – £30 World Book Token Voucher and 3rd Place – £20 World Book Token Voucher. All classes will receive rosettes to 10th place, and all participants will receive a rosette for entering the competition. 


The Creative Writing Competition 2024 is kindly supported by the players of People’s Postcode Lottery.


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