Vaulting Road to Restart

Vaulting has been able to take place for some time now but this has only been permitted on an individual basis. We have now developed protocols to support both pairs and team vaulting which apply from July 2021.

Vaulting Coach Certificate Pathway

Following on from the successful introduction of the riding coaching pathway, vaulting spent most of 2019 reviewing and updating their own pathway.  Hopefully the new structure will now make it much easier to understand how to become a vaulting coach, ensuring you are well supported with clear guidance.  We have tried to keep the pathway as close to the riding coaching pathway and therefore you will see that there are similarities.  We held two forums in August and September 2019 where new and existing vaulting coaches were able to review the new structure.

We predict that you will have many questions about the pathway and so we have tried to cover everything we can in a Q and A paper, please click on the links below:

RDA Vaulting Coaching Pathway New Visuals

Vaulting Coach Pathway Q and A

The pathway begins by completing the vaulting section of the green card signed off and the completion of the e:learning Modules – (Disability Awareness and Equine Knowledge)

Once you have taken the above mentioned modules and you have had your green cards signed off, you will need to book a Pre-coach Training Session and those dates will be listed on the events section of the website.

You will then work towards your coach certificate – again we have tried to copy across modules that already exist to ensure an easier transition to a vaulting coach.  If you have already taken these modules through the riding coaches pathway – then you will not need to do them again but you will need to have evidence of this in your passport, then complete the vaulting specific areas of the vaulting coach certificate before being assessed. Training can be completed in the group by a qualified advanced vaulting coach but for those elements of the pathway which are the same as riding these can also be completed at county or regional training days, so keep a look out for when they are happening.

Vaulting Lunging Certificate

The vaulting Lunging Certificate is an additional qualification, we decided to create the certificate separately because we found many groups had volunteers who did not want to become a vaulting coach but would lunge the horse or pony in the vaulting session.  All vaulting coaches in training, are also required to pass this certificate to proceed onto the vaulting coach assessment.

N.B – if you are a current and active Vaulting Coach you should have received a letter explaining where on the pathway you will sit.  Certificates and passport documents will be sent out over the next couple of weeks.  

We will be preparing useful online resources to help you along the way, so keep an eye for those!





Page Last Updated: February 16, 2024