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Vaulting Coach Certificate Pathway

Since 2019 the Vaulting Coach Pathway has been mapped across to match the riding Coach Certificate Pathway as closely as possible.

Vaulting Q&A Updated 2024

  1. Complete the Vaulting section of the Green Card and then complete the e-learning Modules – (Disability Awareness and Equine Knowledge)
  2. Book a Pre-coach Training Session. These dates will be listed on the events section of the website, or you can contact your local Advanced Vaulting Coach directly.
  3. Work towards your Coach Certificate. If you have already taken these modules through the riding coaches’ pathway then you will not need to do them again, but you will need to have evidence of this in your passport.
  4. Complete the vaulting specific areas of the Vaulting Coach Certificate including the Vaulting Lunging Certificate.
  5. When ready, you can be assessed by your local Advanced Vaulting Coach

Training can be completed in the group by a qualified Advanced Vaulting Coach, but for those elements of the pathway which are the same as riding, these can also be completed at County or Regional training days.


Vaulting Lunging Certificate

The vaulting Lunging Certificate is an additional qualification, created for volunteers who wish to be involved with vaulting but do not wish to coach.  All vaulting Coaches in Training are also required to pass this certificate to proceed onto the Vaulting Coach Certificate assessment.




Page Last Updated: May 17, 2024