RDA UK is a network of around 400 volunteers and a team of paid staff at RDA National Office which exists to provide direction and support to the 489 RDA Groups throughout the UK.  RDA UK volunteers play a key role both locally and nationally in achieving our objectives of providing opportunities for therapy, achievement and enjoyment and ensuring the 28,000 people who participate in RDA have the best possible experience.

The four key areas of RDA UK are outlined below

RDA UK Board of Trustees

RDA UK is governed by a board of trustees who make decisions regarding the overall development and direction of the organisation. You can meet the current Board of Trustees here.

National Leads

RDA UK has 14 national leads who work in partnership with RDA staff on the development of RDA’s activities.  All National Leads are experienced volunteers who plan and deliver projects against agreed targets in line with RDA UK’s strategic plan.

Regions and Counties

RDA is divided into 18 Regions and 61 Counties.  Each Region has a regional committee formed of regional and county volunteers.  Regional committees make decisions regarding the development and direction of RDA at a local level.  You can find out more about specific roles in regions and counties by downloading the role profiles in the download section of this page.

Mandatory Roles within Regions

  • Regional Chair
  • Regional Treasurer
  • County Chairs
  • Regional Coach
  • Regional Equine Advisors
  • Carriage Driving Representative 
  • Regional Participant Representative

RDA National Office

A team of full and part-time staff who are responsible for the day to day running of the charity and support the work of RDA UK and it’s member groups.

Page Last Updated: March 28, 2024