Special Equipment

At RDA, we try to make sure that as many people as possible can benefit safely from our services, which often means using specialist or modified equipment. In general, we advise that regular riding equipment should be used wherever possible, but plenty of information about special equipment is available for those that need it.

If you have any ideas for new equipment for a rider with a physical disability it is advisable to check with your Regional/County Instructor or Physiotherapist first. Very often the simplest piece of equipment proves to be the most beneficial. Guidance notes about Special Equipment are available to the right of this page.

Basic guidance:

  • For riding hats, clothing and footwear, see RDA’s Health  and  Safety  Guidelines  and separate  Policy  on  Hats.  RDA  policy  is  that, wherever  possible, regular riding equipment should be used. However, some   riders/carriage drivers cannot manage without special equipment.
  • RDA National Office can provide the name of an advisor but RDA, its officers and employees take  no responsibility for,  nor give any warranty or guarantee in regard to, these products; and no supplier may be considered preferred or exclusive suppliers to RDA.
  • Special equipment suppliers – Many  items used  by RDA Groups are available from, or can be made by your local saddler (e.g. ladder reins, rainbow reins, breastplate/neckstraps, Devonshire boots or Toestoppers).
Page Last Updated: February 16, 2022