Group Governance



To the right of this page can be found new resources, developed in conjunction with RDA UK lawyers, VWV, to support RDA Groups in researching and preparing legal agreements with their own, independent legal advisors, in relation to: 

  • Leases
  • Livery agreements
  • Licences

It is important to note that these documents are not exhaustive and have been compiled purely as a framework of areas that groups might consider when working with their own legal professionals and other involved parties, to meet requirements for their own charity.

They do not replace the need for groups’ own legal advice and instruction, and do not in themselves constitute legal documents. RDA UK is unable to advise on groups’ circumstances or specific requirements.

General Governance information

We recognise that governance and management of Groups can be challenging and complex, so we’ve put together some useful resources to help Group Trustees with a wide range of issues including recruitment and incorporation, as well as model agendas and policies to help save time.

It’s also our job at RDA UK to keep up with any changes in legislation that may affect the running of Groups – and to pass on this information whenever necessary. We will be using the Groups area of this site to keep you updated of any important changes that will affect the running of your Group.

Page Last Updated: September 29, 2022