Becoming a CIO


A CIO is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. Under this form your charity operates like a company and gets improved protection for the Trustees’ liability (by becoming a limited company); however, it is simpler than a normal company, being a specific legal form for charities. It only requires the charity to report to the Charity Commission and not Companies House.

Going from unincorporated to CIO?

Most RDA Groups were set up as unincorporated Associations (and many of these still are).  RDA UK is now advising that all Groups should become incorporated bodies and the CIO Guidance explains what that means, why it important and what to do next. Please feel free to download and read through the guidance listed on the right hand side. 

Charitable Company to CIO?

Before CIO was available, some RDA Groups became Limited Companies for extra liability and protection. This process means they need to report to the Charity Commission as well as Companies House, something which can become very costly and time consuming. Luckily, the Charity Commission have looked into this and Charitable Companies can now apply to the Charity Commission to convert to a CIO without having to close or withdraw. 

For more information and support if your group is a charitable company and wants to become a CIO, please download the document listed below: 

Converting from Charitable Company to a CIO




Page Last Updated: February 28, 2023