Starting Competition


So you’re now starting to think about competing in Endurance outside RDA?

With Riding for the Disabled now having 100 centres offering endurance riding distances from 1km-15km giving you a great way to get a taste of our exciting discipline, Endurance GB then takes over the reins to provide you with low distance pleasure rides through our Local Groups structure ranging in distance from 5km-34km and with no minimum speeds required; we just ask that you get back to the venue by the latest time given by the ride organiser. You can then move on to graded and competitive endurance rides where you can benefit from reasonable adjustments to the Endurance GB rules to help you to compete on equal terms with your fellow competitors.

For more information on competing with Endurance GB, please click here.

You may also find the video below quite useful should you want to know a little more of what to expect at an Endurance GB event.

Credit to Endurance GB South West.

Page Last Updated: April 16, 2024