Group Funding Opportunities


Funding Opportunities

Below are some funding opportunities for Grants from Trusts and Foundations, that are available and may be suitable for your Group to apply to; as well as some useful links and contacts to make.

The information below should give you some background to the funding but for essential guidance notes, extra information follow the links. Please read all the information available carefully to maximise your chances of a successful application. Good Luck!

Astor Foundation

They will support projects in the following areas of children, youth groups, disabled and sport.

Maximum Value £1,500


Biffa Award

Main Grants are available for community projects located within the vicinity of Biffa operation, that focus on improving quality of life. Funding available ranges from £5,000- £50,000.

Use the postcode checker eligibility on their website- 

B & Q Waste Donation Scheme

B&Q donates unsalable products to:

• Community groups,

• Charities, and

• Schools

Donated products should be used for projects which benefit the local community and the environment.

For more information please contact your local store directly and speak to a duty manager.

Waste Donation Forms are available at each store.

Proof that you are a member of that group must be provided.

Applications may be made at any time.

Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation

There are two criteria to fulfil before applying for a grant.

  • The Foundation only supports charities registered in England and Wales.
  • We offer one-off grants for capital projects, i.e. new buildings, major refurbishments, transport and equipment. Rented premises are expected to have a lease of at least 10 years. Applications for transport should be for new, not used, vehicles. Applications for equipment should be for single, high cost (£5,000 and over), durable items (for exclusions, see below).

Our grants are divided into the following categories.

  • Community
  • Education
  • Health
  • Social Welfare

Applications must be made on our online application form via a test to determine eligibility. If successful, you will automatically be directed to the application form 

Big Lottery


£300- £500,000 depending on the fund.

The Big Lottery have a number of different Grant programmes. They all have different requirements, times when they are open and guidelines so take a look at the link below for more information about their current Grants programmes.

“The Big Lottery Fund is responsible for distributing 40 per cent of all funds raised for good causes (about 11 pence of every pound spent on a Lottery ticket) by the National Lottery – around £670 million last year.

Who can apply?

Depends on specific funding programme

When to apply?

Depends on specific funding programme

How to apply 

Children in Need – Main Grants


£10,000 per year for up to three years

BBC Children in Need awards grants each year to organisations supporting disadvantaged children and young people in the UK. They fund organisations working to combat this disadvantage and to make a real difference to children and young people’s lives.

Children and young people of 18 years and under experiencing disadvantage through:

  1. Illness, distress, abuse or neglect
  2. Any kind of disability
  3. Behavioural or psychological difficulties
  4. Living in poverty or situations of deprivation

Who can apply?

Not-for-profit organisations that work with disadvantaged children and young people of 18 years and under who live in the UK, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.

If you currently have a Main Grant, as long as your funding is coming to an end within the next 12 months you can apply for further Main Grant funding to keep running the same project, or on a different project. You will need to be able to provide convincing evidence of the differences our grant has made to the lives of the disadvantaged children and young people you have worked with.

If you currently have a Small Grant you can also apply for a Main Grant as long as it is for work with a different group of children and young people. Please note can you usually only have one application assessed in any 12-month period.

How to apply

Core Strength-Local Communities

Local 12 month grant scheme available for community groups and charities to support with on going running costs.  

Active Partnerships (previously County Sports Partnerships) 

What is Active Partnerships? There are 43 Active Partnerships across England who work collaboratively with local partners to create the conditions for an active nation using the power of sport and physical activity to transform lives.

Active Partnerships are strategic organisations that recognise activity levels are affected by a complex system of influences and no single organisation or programme create sustainable change at scale. So by adopting a collaborative whole system approach, Active Partnerships seek to make active lifestyles the social norm for everyone and address the worrying levels of inactivity in society.

Active Partnerships can be great support for RDA groups with training and informing you of potential funding sources.

Ford Britain Trust 

Apply by completing the application form. Before completing the form, please read the Guidance Notes for Grant Applications.Accepted applications are considered at Trustee meetings.

There are two types of grants to apply for:

  • Small grants for amounts up to £250, available four times each year. Open from:
    • 1st March to 30th April
    • 1st June to 31st July
    • 1st September to 30th October
    • 1st December to 28th February
  • Large grants for amounts over £250 and up to a maximum of £3,000                                                                                                                                                                                                     Applications are considered at Trustee meetings in March and September each year. 

Fairway Trust

The Fairway Trust provided funds for a variety of purposes with preference given to Educational Establishments, clubs involved with recreation. They award grants between £1000 and £10,00, totalling around £35,00 every year.

Maximum Value £10,00

Garfield Weston Foundation

The Foundation supports a broad range of charities across the UK that make a positive difference.  We fund a wide range of causes and charities and our grants vary according to the size of the charity and the work being undertaken.

The grants vary between £1,000- £100,000. 

London Marathon Charitable Trust

The London Marathon Charitable Trust has announced its first UK-wide funding programme with an innovative Active Spaces partnership with Fields in Trust to safeguard the future of green spaces across the UK and to encourage people, particularly the most inactive communities, to participate in physical activity, sport and play.

Apply for funds to upgrade green open spaces, build a sensory ride or carriage driving track?

P F Charitable Trust

The London based PF Charitable Trust has been using Foundation Scotland to distribute funds in Scotland since 1997, distributing over £800,000 in its name during this time.  The PF Charitable Trust’s funding policy is to support work at community level and the Foundation provides a valuable service in targeting appropriate groups.

SUEZ Communities Trust

Primary Fund offers up to £50,000 to not for profit organisation wishing to improve health of general public. Check eligibility via postcode checker on website.

St Jame’s Place Foundation


Maximum £10,000

“We aim to make a significant difference to the lives of children and young people. Any small charity that meets the criteria can apply for a grant from the Foundation, if it has a project in the UK that is for the direct benefit of economically disadvantaged or socially marginalised young people aged 25 years or younger, the physically disabled, or those suffering from a mental condition or life-threatening or degenerative illness. We also help people whose lives have been adversely affected by illness through the Hospice Movement. The Foundation makes grants to hospices in the UK for things such as equipment, the cost of complementary therapy or specialist nursing staff.
As well as the hundreds of smaller one-off grants that are made each year, the Foundation makes significant, major, multi-year grants to charities both in the UK and overseas, whereby the cost of a salary or project will be funded over two to three years, providing greater stability for the charity.”

Registered charities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. There are specific Themes, Criteria and Guidelines that must be met but these can be found at the link below.

When to apply?

No deadlines or closing dates.

How to apply

Apply through the following link where you will find more information on the Foundation as well as specific criteria that need to be met. Please read all the information available and ensure you meet these criteria before applying.

Sport England Small Grant


Grants of between £300 and £10,000 but the total project cost must not be more than £50,000.

Projects need to increase participation, increase in the number of disabled people playing sport or a reduction in people dropping out of sport.

Formally constituted not-for-profit organisations and statutory bodies. This may include sports clubs, voluntary organisations, local authorities, schools or governing bodies of sport.

When to apply?

Open all year

How to apply 

Sport Northern Ireland


There are a range of funding opportunities available from Sport Northern Ireland. These range from Active Awards for all to the Facility Fund. The range of funding available under each fund is different as well as the requirements for applying. More information coming soon on the next fund to open.

How to apply 

More details can be found at the following address, including in the Inspired Facilities Application Guide, which  contains lots of details about the Grant. 

Sport Wales Community Chest


Providing grants up to £1500

Community Chest offers grant awards up to £1,500 in any 12 months towards:

  • Increasing participation
  • Improving standards

Any group that holds an account (be it a Bank, Building Society or Credit Union account), in their organisation’s name. You’ll probably be one of the following:

  • Sports Club or Association
  • Youth Club
  • Community Group

When to apply?

Check the Sport Wales website for more details on deadlines

How to apply–support/our-grants/community-chest.aspx

Sport Wales Development Grant

£1,501 to £25,000 available

Are you looking to establish a new team, develop new training facilities or purchase much needed equipment to take your project to the next level?
If so, a grant of £1,501 to £25,000 is available to cover all of the above projects as well as:

  • Coach education
  • Floodlighting for training purposes
  • Purchase of land, or rights in land, to develop activity areas
  • Start-up grants to support new enterprises

This grant is available to any group as long as they hold an account (be it a Bank, Building Society or Credit Union account) in the organisation’s name.

When to apply?

Check the Sport Wales website for more details on deadlines

How to apply–support/our-grants/development-grant.aspx

Sport Scotland 


There are two application options – Small Projects Fund for projects under £100,000 and Large Projects Fund  for over £100,000.

The Sport Facilities Fund prioritises applications from projects where the need and impact are greatest and the outcomes are clear. The sports facilities we fund can be suitable for community recreation, club sport or high performance training or competition.

Formally constituted not-for-profit organisations and statutory bodies. This may include sports clubs, voluntary organisations, local authorities, schools or governing bodies of sport.

Applications should be submitted for the 1st of each month. These will take around 4 weeks for the decision to be made.

How to apply?

The Edward Gostling Foundation

Provide Grants to charities that support people of all ages living on low incomes who have a physical and/or mental disability or long term illness.  (previously know as The Act Foundation) 

The Archer Trust

If you meet the following criteria, we may be able to help you:

  • You are a small UK charity for whom a grant of between £250 and £3,000 will make a big difference.
  • In one way or another, you provide aid or support to a defined group of needy or deserving people, for instance those with physical or mental disabilities or the disadvantaged.
  • You are competently run and can support your application with up-to-date accounts.

We prefer to support organisations working in areas of high unemployment and deprivation. We favour charities which make good use of volunteers. We support projects both in the UK and overseas, but for overseas projects only via UK charities which can ensure that funds are being well used. 

The Greggs Foundation

Local Community Projects Funding is offered to organisations supporting people in need. Any not for profit organisation can apply, however, larger organisations with a turnover in excess of £300,000 are unlikely to be successful.

We are interested in projects that improve resilience within your community supporting people who are disabled or suffering from illness.

We are more likely to make grants to local organisations who have a Greggs shop in their region. Please use the shop locator on the Greggs website to find your nearest shop.

The maximum grant that we can give is £2,000.

The Clothworkers Foundation

Our one-off grants are for the purchase of specific and pre-determined capital items for a particular project; such as buildings and equipment. The grants range in sizes, amounts available vary throughout the year.

The Hedley Foundation

Last year 271 grants (averaging £3,000) were made. Applications will not be considered unless a copy of the most recent set of audited accounts accompanies them. Applications for the funding of equipment or projects should be accompanied by a breakdown of the costs.

The Trustees meet six times a year and at these meetings, the decisions are discussed. 

The Morrison Foundation

To improve people’s lives in the UK. We do so by offering match funding to Morrisons colleagues and providing grants to support projects carried out by charities registered in the UK.

The Morrisons Foundation provides grants towards projects undertaken by registered charities. If you’re seeking funds for such a project. We believe that good projects come in all shapes and sizes so we’re not limiting how much you can apply for, though we do ask that your project benefits people’s lives in the UK. Morrisons also support colleagues by matching their fundraising pound for pound – up to £1,000 two times a year. If you have raised money for a registered charity. 

The Tudor Trust

The Tudor Trust is an independent grant-making charitable trust. We fund a wide range of organisations working to support positive changes in people’s lives and in their communities around the UK. We don’t have specific funding programmes designed to advance any particular agenda as we think that the groups we support are best placed to identify problems and develop solutions.

The Tudor Trust try to respond to the needs identified by organisations themselves, many of our grants take the form of core funding: funding which goes towards the core costs of running an organisation, including salaries, overheads and day-to-day running costs. Sometimes we may decide to offer unrestricted funding, through a grant, which can be used entirely freely to further an organisation’s charitable objectives.

We can also provide project grantscapital grants for buildings or equipment and grants to help strengthen your organisation.

Application must be able to show one of the following:

  • Display positive organisational characteristics
  • Address marginalisation
  • Make a difference 

The Yapp Charitable Trust


Grants are normally for a maximum of £3,000 per year and we will fund for up to three years.

We only offer grants to registered charities with a total annual expenditure of less than £40,000 who are undertaking work with our priority groups: Elderly people Children and young people aged 5 – 25 People with physical impairments, learning difficulties or mental health challenges Social welfare – people trying to overcome life-limiting problems of a social, rather than medical, origin (such as addiction, relationship difficulties, abuse, offending) Education and learning (with a particular interest in people who are educationally disadvantaged, whether adults or children). We fund running costs as well as capital projects.

How to apply

Please take a look at the website which has lots of information

The Ulverscroft Foundation

Supports projects which will have a positive effect on the quality of life of visually impaired people (blind and partially sighted) or people with a print disability.

Our funding is channelled via recognised organisations which help visually impaired people, for example, libraries, hospitals, clinics, schools and colleges; social and welfare organisations.

Applications should be made in writing (we do not have an application form). Make your proposal as detailed as possible. Include details of your current service to visually impaired people, if any, and how the proposed project will be integrated or enhanced. If possible, please give an estimate of how many visually impaired people use/will use your service. Also include the amount of funding obtained to date, if any, and the names of other organisations to whom you have applied.

We ask that organisations send a copy of their latest annual report and accounts with their application.

Our trustees meet quarterly to consider appeals in January, April, July and October each year.

  • We do not generally grant assistance towards core salaries and general running costs
  • We can consider funding salaries if they are for a particular project 


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