Best Practice and Resources


Safeguarding is much more than simply performing a background check on individuals; It is about creating a culture and awareness of safety at your Group which protects participants, volunteers and any employees. We have compiled a variety of guidance documents and resources which will provide help and guidance on important areas you may need to consider.


Health & Safety – It is important to ensure that all activities which take place are safe and appropriate consideration of risks has taken place, as a result we have provided you with a set of guidance to assist with this.

Internet Safety – The internet offers a world of possibilities in terms of communication but it is important children and vulnerable adults are aware of the potential dangers of online communication, we have produced some guidance for participants and young people on how to keep safe whilst online.

Photographing and Videoing Events – Photographs and videos can be a wonderful way of capturing a moment as a memory or for using for promotional or publicity purposes.  It is important that you have the permission of all of those who appear in photographs or videos you might take.


Safer Recruitment Guidance

These documents should be read in conjunction with RDA UK Safer Recruitment Practices Policy.


Guidance Documents

These documents should be read in conjunction with RDA UK Policies & Procedures.

Page Last Updated: December 15, 2023