Recruiting Volunteers

RDA would not be possible without the 18,000 volunteers who give their time and expertise and we always need more!

New volunteers are essential for the sustainability and expansion at all levels of RDA

Recruiting Volunteers is therefore one of the basic challenges of any RDA Group and a positive, enthusiastic approach is vital to success.

Guide to writing role descriptions and adverts

Do the Groundwork

Before you start, think about what roles volunteers will do at your Group and also what skills and qualities they might need to perform these roles effectively. It is also important to think about what training and support you can offer new volunteers for those who may not have the skills straight away but are enthusiastic and quick learners.  If you are approaching those unfamiliar to RDA it can help to set these thoughts down on paper in the form of a role description.  You can give this to potential volunteers to take away while they think about the role.

Ask People To Help

People are more likely to become volunteers if they are asked directly. Think of people you may already know or those who are already familiar with your Group and ask them if they would consider coming along to volunteer.

Inspiring Volunteers

RDA is an inspirational organisation which makes a huge difference to the lives of all involved.

Sharing an inspirational message about RDA can be crucial in raising your profile and motivating new volunteers to get involved who may have never heard of RDA before.

Getting The Message Out There

Once you have an inspiration message it is important you can get it out so people can see it. 

Some Traditional Methods
Posters, leaflets, presentations, stands at events, flyers, local press, radio and television.

Try Doing Things Differently?
Social Media, place an advert on a volunteer recruitment website,  approach local companies, involve participants at your group,

Read about promoting your Group and Recruiting Volunteers using Social Media

Download our booklet on the benefits of volunteering

Welcome New Volunteers

Once your recruitment is a success and you have gained new volunteers it is important you are ready to provide a warm welcome for new volunteers.

Visit our page on Welcoming New Volunteers for more information.

Green Cards

The Green Card (Volunteer Basic Training Record Cards) has been updated, these are no longer required to be sent into National Office. Please keep them securely with your Group.

You can order Green Cards and Basic A4 Training Record Sheets from the Group Orders Website 

Page Last Updated: June 25, 2024