2024 Coach Reviews and CPD FAQs  

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We are currently going through a review of the Coaching Pathway and further details will follow in due course. In the meantime, if you are due a triennial coach review in 2024 you have the following options;  

To extend your review period for three years:    

  1. Face to face review with a Regional, County Coach or Coach developer. This is Mandatory if you are due an annual review (i.e. for new coaches)   
  2. Show Jumping assessment/review (extends for 3 years)    
  3. Coach assessment to next level (Group Coach to Coach, Coach to Advanced Coach) (extends for 3 years – no need for an initial annual review and no mandatory requirement at this stage to complete annual CPD)   

To extend your review period by one year:   

  1. Module training (refresher on Coaching, Therapy and Medical or Horse care)* (extends to 2025)   
  2. An RDA approved interactive Zoom CPD/Training session, events on MyRDA* (extends to 2025)   
  3. A Regional or National Training Centre face to face training (including Princess Royal Coach Academy training days)* (extends to 2025)   

*To log these as a review coaches must complete the Coach CPD Reflection & Feedback form (Coach CPD Reflection and Feedback (myrda.org.uk))  



What is CPD? 

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development and is intended to enhance your personal skills as part of a commitment to lifelong learning (in other words, staying up to date with the latest way of doing things). CPD encourages growth and offers opportunities to learn something new, refresh existing knowledge and improve your skills.  In practice, CPD can mean anything from joining an interactive zoom training session; completing the RDA Therapy & Medical pathway module or academy training day; attending a face-to-face training day; OR having a face-to-face review or assessment to another level. It is also a great way of networking with other volunteers and sharing experiences.  


I was first assessed to be a coach in 2023. Can I do CPD this year for my first review following assessment?  

Not this year. We need you to have a face-to-face review as your first review, post assessment, so that you can check back in with a Coach Developer to make sure you are confident and comfortable in your new role and that you know where to go to for support when you come across new situations. The review will help you to identify any particular areas for development. You are also free to attend any other CPD that you feel would be useful alongside this review.    


If I did CPD last year, can I still do CPD again?  


For example: A Coach completed RDA CPD in 2023 to roll their review date forward by 1 year.  This Coach can complete another RDA approved CPD in 2024 to roll their review date forward again by one year to 2025. However, your Regional/County Coach or Coach Developer may want to visit and carry out a face-to-face review, particularly if they have not been to you or your group for some time.  


How many times can CPD roll over?  

Currently CPD can be used to roll a review date over into 2025 even if you have previously used CPD to roll a review date over. We are currently going through a review of the Coaching Pathway and further details for 2024 and beyond will follow in due course.  


How do I register attendance at CPD to count as my review? 

To register your attendance at an approved CPD you must complete the RDA reflection & feedback form (available on MyRDA – https://myrda.org.uk/runningyourgroup/coaching/coach-cpd-reflection-and-feedback/). Once this is received by National Office, your CPD record will be updated, and a digital certificate of attendance will be issued. These certificates are issued in bulk once a month. Reflection & feedback forms must be completed within one month of the CPD session to count. This encourages you to see how you can put the learning into your own context.  


If I did more than one CPD last year can that count for this year?  

No, extra CPD done in a previous year cannot be used to roll your current review year forward. This should not deter you from doing more than one CPD session in one year! Please use the opportunity to broaden your knowledge and network with coaches in other regions to share experiences and learn from each other. This will all benefit our participants.  


How do I find RDA accredited CPD? 

RDA accredited CPD is listed on the events page on MyRDA (https://myrda.org.uk/runningyourgroup/events/)  


Does external CPD count towards my RDA review? 

Only approved external CPD will be accepted for an RDA review. If there is a CPD event you wish to use as a review please use the below form to notify us, we will then let you know if we are able to accredit that event.  

This form can also be used if you are running RDA training that you would like to register as a CPD event   

Please complete this at least two weeks before the date of the training.  


How do you decide if CPD is accredited? 

External CPD will be assessed on its content, level and direct relevance to your role as a coach in RDA. For example, a BHS course on rider position and balance would be likely to be accredited. A course which is solely about promoting equestrian businesses on social media is not directly relevant to your role as a coach (whilst it may benefit your group in other ways).  


If I qualified several years ago (before the new coaching pathway) can I do some of the modules as CPD? 

Yes, we would love you to do any of the coaching pathway modules you feel would be useful.  


If you have any queries or would like to know more, please contact the Coaching Team, all contact details can be found on the website here: https://myrda.org.uk/coaching-team-contacts 


Page Last Updated: May 29, 2024