Working towards the Advanced Coach Certificate

Advanced Coach Certificate Modules are encompassed within the Princess Royal Coach Academy- Coach Programme and are run by National Office. Below you will find details and resources that will be useful to support candidates looking to come forward for the Advanced Coach Certificate.

Princess Royal Coach Academy


2023 COACH Detail

2023 Coach Academy – Coach Programme

Well done to all the selected coaches, read more here PRCA Coaches


2023 MENTOR Detail

2023 Coach Academy – Mentor Programme

Well done to all the selected mentors, read more here PRCA Mentors


RDA UK are currently looking at how advanced coach development opportunities will look in the future…If you are interested in beginning your journey in becoming an RDA Advanced Coach and would like some more information please contact



‘‘Being involved in the PRCA has been a fantastic experience, not only for exposure to great teaching about the content of the Advanced coach syllabus, but also for the chance to listen to experts and our mentors and benefit from their knowledge and insight. It is a great community with learning at its core, and it has given me a boost to push my coaching forwards and try new things! Being surrounded by a cohort of like-minded, high-performing coaches has made it a really supportive environment and I do not think I would have made the progress I have made to date with my knowledge and understanding of issues without the support of the PRCA, the mentors and the fellow coaches.’’ – Kady Chatman, Mid-West (Aspiring Advanced Coach) 

‘‘I am really enjoying being a mentor with The Princess Royal Coaching Academy.  I feel we are making a real difference to the future of coaching in RDA UK across the country. The mentees involved, are not only stretching themselves to get the most out of it but are also learning through sharing experiences and self-reflection to enable good working relationships to develop along with trust and commitment. Well planned workshops and training days have all helped to provide a highly positive learning environment.’’ – Sarah Healing, Greater London, (Academy Mentor) 

‘‘As a mentor I have been in the privileged position to journey with some RDA Advance Coaches of the future. My mentees have enriched me with their ideas, skills and expertise. Hopefully, by being there for them & when needed giving them support will help guide them along a positive coaching  track.Through the PRCA I have certainly been given opportunities to develop my own coaching & mentoring skills which has been of great benefit to several coaches at my home centre that are on the RDA coaching ladder. I also believe that the opportunities given to the PRCA coaches will enrich the future prosperity for  RDA riders & users. I have found the mentoring challenging in the respect that, I don’t know all the answers! I have also found fitting in mentoring sessions in my already very busy schedule a challenge. Having said that I would not wish to change anything. In addition, I personally feel it’s been a wonderful way to be connected to other coaches and centres. We all have things to share and to learn from one another.’’ – Mary Joy, Central London (Academy Mentor) 

“Becoming a mentor for PRCA has been an enlightening and enriching experience for me.  It has allowed me to become part of a community of high performing coaches who all have the same passion for sharing knowledge and experiences within RDA.   Exploring and expanding my own knowledge has been a rewarding challenge for me allowing me to gain confidence in my own ability.” – Karen Thompson, North Midlands, (Academy Mentor) 

‘‘I would like to thank everyone involved in offering me this opportunity to be part of the Princess Royal Coach Academy, I have found it challenging, informative, refreshing and although probably the oldest coach I feel inspired by all the new friendships, young ideas and the passion we all share. I see a lot of me in some of the coaches when I was their age and I’m sure they will offer and enjoy many years of involvement and the participants are in good hands. Hopefully I have a good few years of coaching and mentoring and would love to achieve this personal goal!’’ – Peggy Douglas, South West, (Aspiring Advanced Coach) 

‘‘I am delighted to be part of the Princess Royal Coach Academy (PRCA). It has helped me refocus my energies and realise I do have the ability. I wanted to share a quick note and let you  know you are all doing a great job delivering training programmes and having an inspirational Mentor who is there for me no matter what! Early days of PRCA I felt it quite daunting entering the unknown however, on reflection I realised everyone felt the same and quickly we developed a friendly, welcoming, relaxed atmosphere and realised we all felt the same.’’ – Fran Cape, Edinburgh & Borders, (Aspiring Advanced Coach) 

‘‘The Princess Royal Coaching Academy has taken Mentors and coaches on a journey of challenges, reflection and self discovery with friendships that support and bond us to new and exciting destinations. How amazing is that.’’ – Karen Glasgow, Edinburgh & Borders, (Academy Mentor) 

‘‘Working with the RDA staff, their inspirational mentors and aspiring Advanced Coaches has been one of the most rewarding projects I have had the pleasure of working with. The RDA have been open minded to take on change and have embraced new ways of developing and supporting coaches. While I am witnessing the growth in confidence and competence of the Advanced Coaches in training, their impact will be far reaching on the many participants, coaches and volunteers they rub shoulders with. The programme is uplifting and there is an infectious buzz amongst the people involved.’’ – Nicky Fuller, Coaching Consultant

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