Dressage plays a huge part in the RDA National Championships with a variety of classes on offer.








Championships Classes

Riders must qualify through their Regional Dressage Qualifier to compete. They ride a specific test with a predetermined pattern in a 20m x 40m arena. Dependent on their impairment and/or experience, they can ride tests with walk only, walk and trot or walk, trot and canter. Dressage is a multi disability activity but at the Championships, intellectual disability and visually impaired riders can choose to ride in their own classes.

Freestyle to Music Classes

Horse/rider combinations who have qualified for a Championships class may also choose to ride a Freestyle to Music test.  It will be in a 20m x 40m arena, ridden to music, there is no predetermined pattern but riders must demonstrate compulsory movements.  Marks are awarded for both technical and artistic content including rhythm, harmony, choreography and musical interpretation.

Costume Freestyle to Music Class

This class is run as a Freestyle to Music class as above but in addition must be ridden in a costume themed to match and enhance the music used with the emphasis on telling a story.  A brief introduction (max 50 words) must be submitted.   Riders are required to walk and trot on both reins, canter may be incorporated.

For full rules please consult the RDA Rule Book and the RDA National Championships Schedule.

Page Last Updated: January 24, 2024