Dressage Tests & Scoresheets


RDA offers a number of dressage tests for both classified and non classified riders, all of these tests can be found on this page.  Our tests are reviewed from time to time so please ensure you are using the correct version. For 2022 Grades 1 & 2 have been rewritten along with all Grade 7 tests (previously called ID tests) All tests now have the last movement reading ‘please leave arena where appropriate’ rather than stipulating leaving at A in line with BD tests. Freestyle tests remain the same.

Grade 6 tests are for none-classified participants. Grade 7 tests are for learning disabled participants. 

Please note all tests in the list below must be used for 2024 Regional Qualifiers and National Championships. 

The Freestyle Tests have been updated for 2023. The only change is the time allowed to bring in line with British Dressage. 

2022 Dressage Tests – to be used at RDA Regional Qualifiers and RDA National Championships in 2024

2022 Dressage Test Diagrams

Freestyle Tests – Please note for 2023 test timings have been expanded in line with BD tests

Scoresheets for 2024

2020 Tests to be used for Dressage Anywhere until after Online Championships in May 2022

Visually Impaired (Total TVI & Partial PVI)

Intellectual Disability

  • RDA Intellectual Disability Walk Only Test (2019) Test/ Scoresheet
  • RDA Intellectual Disability Walk & Trot Championship Test (2020) Test / Scoresheet
  • RDA Intellectual Disability Canter Championship Test (2020)Test/ Scoresheet

Led Dressage

  • RDA Introduction to Dressage Championship Test Walk Only Test (2020) Test/ Scoresheet
  • RDA Introduction to Dressage Championship Test Walk & Trot Test (2020)  TestScoresheet

Pairs Dressage

  • RDA Pairs Walk & Trot Dressage to Music Test (2020) Test / Scoresheet

Other available RDA tests 

Introduction to Dressage

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