Grow Your Group Workshop


Whether your group is looking to expand, offer a more diverse range of activities, or simply create a plan which will support its future development – this workshop will help you to explore what your next steps could be and what support is available to you.

The workshop will cover…

  • Why growth and development is important
  • Collecting feedback from those involved in your group
  • Tools that can support planning and delivery of growth projects
  • Who to involve when planning for growth

Back at your group you’ll be able to…

  • Reflect on your group’s current position
  • Create an action plan to support the future of your group
  • Understand what support is available to help your group develop

Who is this for?

Group Chairmen and Trustees of RDA Groups, all RDA volunteers involved in supporting growth and development of their group.

How to book?

You can complete our online form

Once a form is received we will check availability and confirm whether we can meet your request.

Page Last Updated: December 10, 2020