Participant Experience – Overcoming Challenges


Ensuring participants have a positive experience is vital to the success of any RDA Group. Sometimes this means dealing with difficult situations as they arise, this might include having to deliver news that you know will be unwelcome, challenging inappropriate behaviour or dealing with a complaint.  This workshop covers the steps you can take to avoid difficult situations arising in the first place and respond confidently and effectively maintaining the best possible experience participants when they do arise.

The workshop will cover…

  • What we mean by conflict and what situations can lead to this
  • How we deal with conflict in different ways
  • Effective communication skills to use during difficult situations
  • The RDA complaints procedure
  • Tools and approaches to avoid conflict
  • How to deliver unwelcome news in the best way possible

Back at your group you’ll be able to…

  • Consider situations where conflict may occur and take steps to manage this 
  • Understand your own preferred conflict style and those of others
  • Use active listening skills to enable positive interactions
  • Deliver soft lands to those you may have to share unwelcome news with
  • Create effective communication strategies that seek to prevent conflict

Who is this for?

Any RDA volunteer who is directly involved in supporting participants, Coaches, Group Chairmen and Trustees

How to book?

You can complete our online form

Once a form is received we will check availability and confirm whether we can meet your request.

Page Last Updated: December 10, 2020