Volunteer Recruitment Workshop


All RDA activity is made possible by thousands of dedicated volunteers.  This workshop looks at recruitment, management and recognition of volunteers.  The workshop will help you devise a volunteer plan that will help ensure volunteers at your group are sufficient in number, working effectively together and feel motivated in their roles.

The workshop will cover…

  • Recruitment of new volunteers
  • Retention of volunteers – welcoming new volunteers, understanding volunteer motivations and methods of recognition.
  • Strategies for effective communication with volunteers.

Back at your group you’ll be able to…

  • Plan and deliver a volunteer recruitment campaign
  • Create a volunteer plan to effectively support volunteers
  • Motivate and thank volunteers by recognising and celebrating their achievements
  • Utilise volunteer management tools and resources

Who is this for?

Volunteer Coordinators, any RDA volunteer involved in recruiting or supporting new volunteers, Group Chairmen and Trustees.

How to book?

You can complete our online form

Once a form is received we will check availability and confirm whether we can meet your request.

Page Last Updated: December 10, 2020